Care in Mann depends on the generosity and support of our band of friendly volunteers. We are always looking for new volunteers, so…..

  • if you would like to help people

  • if you can drive a car

  • if you could help with telephone duties

  • if you can spare a little time…you do not have to commit to giving time on a regular basis or on specific days

……then please ring us on 628500 and speak to the duty telephonist.

Your offer will be referred to one of the Board who will contact you and arrange to meet up.

What do you need to volunteer?

……as a driver: a full driving licence, current car service record and insurance are required, and you will need to have a current DBS check, which we can facilitate at no cost to you. You also need to carry a mobile phone .

You are able to specify any days when you are routinely not available, and can, when contacted by the duty telephonist, accept or decline a request to provide transport. You are entitled to claim a mileage allowance for your petrol, but you are required to inform your insurance company that you are doing unpaid voluntary work using your car.

……as a telephonist: you are required to work from home, taking telephone requests from clients, and contacting volunteers to arrange the necessary transport, using the dedicated Care in Mann mobile phone. You will receive full training in the role. Each month, we will be asked to submit your availability for the following month: most volunteers offer either one or two days per month, and if the latter, these can either be adjacent or separate whichever is more convenient.

Both roles require a cheerful manner, a willingness to help others, and often a little patience ! It is rewarding to feel that our services are appreciated and gratefully received.